A child of the 70’s, Nathalie was born on the French Riviera and spent her early life in a Jean Dubuisson brutalist flat facing the Mediterranean Sea. Deeply connected with the wild coastal pinede landscape of the site where she was living, she was making sculptures out of the cicada exuviae (found on the pine bark), shells, driftwood, and the bits of coloured plastic, washed ashore.

She was trained to sew and create shapes with fabrics at a young age, by her mother, a costume maker for contemporary dance companies, from whom she learned much about the whole process (from fabric selection through to fitting). In time, she decided to begin to explore textile in a formal way.

After 2 years of studies of Fashion design and pattern making at Esmod University: she worked as fashion designer in le Sentier , Paris , the temple of fast fashion in the late 80’s: internerd at Yves Saint Laurent Furs; followed by 3 years of fine Arts studies at Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design Marseille Méditerranée -ESADMM- specialising in metal work and ceramic.

She began making installations in contained spaces named “Imaginary Boudoir”, which she filled with metal sculptures recalling the shape of furniture, and using recycled objects that she was finding in the bins and that she covered with ceramic plates or mirror tiles. She was also experimenting with dyed textiles and used latex or wax to create patterns.  She oversaw the decoration of the chill out spaces of the “Atomic” rave parties at the Friche Belle de Mai – Marseilles, using the reflection of enlightened metal structures to create moving shadows onto the wall of the massive warehouse.

In the mid-90s she created her eponymous clothing brand NC and became one of the pioneers of Upcycling fashion in France whilst also collaborating with many companies as a designer and artistic director, including Vilac toys with whom she worked for 7 years, developing amongst other things, a pioneering line of sustainable toys, and a collaboration lasting 2 years with Emmaus France delivering costume design workshops, including showcase performances.

She is now based in South East London, where she is a sculptor.She use fabric as a magic medium that she use to put volume into the drawings that she archive in small notebooks. These notebooks are her diaries in wich she draw free forms: a bit psychedelic, a bit ghostly.
Her sculptures are about Womanhood and the end of the world as we know it. They relate a massive change in era and they are her testimony.